Individual members can be nonprofit staff members, social entrepreneurs, students, faculty members, other stakeholders interested in how nonprofit organizations can become more efficient and effective in their strategic thinking, decision-making and operations. Individual membership offers complete access to NCNE web and social media content drawing on state of the art research by leading scholars, on a wide spectrum of topics related to effective use and mobilization of economic resources for achieving the missions of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. NCNE content format includes a regularly occurring advisory newsletter, discounts on NCNE published books, advance registration at NCNE conferences, access to content specific video, posting of questions to the NCNE Research Advisory Network.

Memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and renewed annually.

Nonprofit Organizations may join using Institutional memberships, which are available for $250 per year. Institutional members are allowed up to three unique user logins. Benefits to organizations include addressing the resource-related challenges typical of the field via access to a unique knowledge base, consultation with members of a network of leading experts, and customized training modules.

In addition to the benefits of individual membership, NCNE organizational membership offers institutional members a venue for sponsorship affiliation on the NCNE social media platform, the opportunity to engage in continuing education and customized training modules, use of NCNE web based materials for classroom instruction.

Foundations, public and private sector grant makers and other funders may also join at the same $100 and $250 annual rates noted for individuals and organizations. NCNE offers a strategy for interested funders to strengthen the economic health of their grantees and other nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, so that those organizations are able to carry out their social missions effectively and make the most efficient use of their grants. NCNE offers a deep reservoir of research-based knowledge and expert talent with which to customize the support which funders can provide to their grantees and communities.

$100 for One Year

$250 for One Year

It is the policy of the NCNE to not keep records of members payment info. Transactions are protected by STRIPE, the vendor we are using for e-commerce. STRIPE is a third party credit card processing portal that requires a secure website. The NCNE site is secure. STRIPE policies apply.