• Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Searing, University of Texas at Dallas This module explains the concept of organizational resilience and how it applies to managing nonprofit organizations, especially in times of crisis. It lays the foundations for developing nonprofit resilience strategies along multiple lines including finances, technology, human resources, and collaborative relationships.
  • Instructor: Dr. William L. Waugh, Jr., Georgia State University Crises are often precipitated by events that are unfamiliar and unanticipated and require a different set of strategies. This module examines different varieties of risks faced by nonprofit organizations and provides methods for developing appropriate strategies to address each type.
  • Instructor: Dr. Roland J. Kushner, Muhlenberg College This module examines the balance sheets of nonprofits from the viewpoint of organizational resilience, including financial and non-financial assets and liabilities, the role of debt, and best practices for ensuring financial health.
  • Instructor: Dr. Teresa Harrison, Drexel University This module will delve deeply into the nature of costs and how they may be structured to accommodate risk and resilience in a crisis or to prevent a crisis from occurring.
  • Instructor: Dr. Dennis R. Young, Georgia State University, Case Western Reserve University This module discusses how the income portfolios of nonprofit organizations can be developed to insulate an organization from crises. Multiple income resilience strategies are considered, including diversification of income sources and cultivation of particular sources less vulnerable to disruption.
  • Instructor: Dr. Kristina Jaskyte Bahr, University of Georgia This module examines how nonprofit organizations can develop and manage the capacity to become resilient through technological innovation. It offers a variety of ways that nonprofits can experiment and innovate with alternative technologies to achieve their mission and goals.
  • Instructor: Dr. Rosemarie Emanuele, Ursuline College This module examines nonprofit human resource crisis strategies including workforce and payroll adjustment, and engagement of volunteer and part-time workers, as well as approaches to motivating and supporting workers to achieve organizational resilience.
  • Instructor: Dr. Charles (Mel) Gray, University of St. Thomas This module will explore how nonprofits can develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and how they can assess their competitive advantages in new markets and for new products and services, including investment in innovation, as a way of making their organizations more resilient.
  • Instructor: Dr. Rikki Abzug, Ramapo College of New Jersey This module explains the resilience value of joining various kinds of networks, as well as the merits of forming new networks and helping networks themselves develop resilience strategies to assist their members in a crisis.
  • Instructor: Dr. Robert L. Fischer, Case Western Reserve University In this module, participants will learn about performance measurement principles and potential crisis vulnerabilities and will be led through an interactive process to design dashboards and stress tests for their own organizations.


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