Each year during the Annual ARNOVA Conference, 12 awards and 5 scholarships are presented to individuals for their outstanding achievements. Throughout the years, these awards and scholarships have positioned ARNOVA as an association that recognizes scholars, leaders and practitioners’ accomplishments, promoting and supporting nonprofit and voluntary action research. Awards recipients we will be honored at ARNOVA’s 2020 virtual conference.

This year, “Financing Nonprofits and Other Social Enterprises: A Benefits Approach,” authored by Dennis R. Young, has been recognized as the “Outstanding Book in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Research.” This book applies benefits theory to the financing of nonprofit and other social purpose organizations. Individual chapters are devoted to organizations primarily reliant on earned income, gifts, government support and investment income, respectively, as well as organizations that are highly diversified in their sources of operating support. The book is intended to guide managers and leaders towards finding the best mix of income sources for their organizations, to help educate future managers about resource development and to stimulate additional research on the financing of nonprofits and other forms of social enterprise.

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