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The National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise (NCNE) brings ideas from economics and strategic management to the specific application of issues faced by social purpose organizations across the board, especially not-for-profit organizations. Since 1998, NCNE has produced several important books, convened three major conferences, and provided general consultation and training programs in partnership with a number of university nonprofit centers and national organizations including the Foundation Center, Georgetown University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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NEW! Certification Program in Nonprofit Resilience Management

The National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise has partnered with the Jack, Joseph, and Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University to launch an online instructional program, “Managing for Resilience: A New Approach to Nonprofit Management.” The program will be offered in a series of 10 one-day course modules offered remotely via Zoom this fall 2021 through spring 2022. Participants may purchase access to individual course modules or can complete five or more modules to receive certification.

Nonprofits must protect themselves from future catastrophic crises and learn how to manage them. This course will show you how.




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