Research Advisory Network (RAN)

NCNE’s Research Advisory Network is a selective group of scholars and professional analysts with expertise in the economics and management of nonprofit organizations and other social enterprises, in the United States and worldwide. The Network serves as a talent pool and knowledge resource for NCNE’s programming on behalf of nonprofit organizations, which may include professional and research conferences, education and training programs, organizational consultations, information and referral services, and research projects.

Members of the Network are selected and appointed by the leadership of NCNE based on their special expertise on diverse topics related to effective resource-related decision making by nonprofit organizations. Members serve on a voluntary basis but may be reimbursed for costs and compensated for their work at modest levels for specific tasks they undertake on behalf of NCNE.

Members are listed on NCNE’s website, social media, publications, brochures and other documents. Members contribute to NCNE’s knowledge base by posting relevant publications on NCNE’s website. Members of the network are also asked to advise NCNE leadership on future programming and important issues related to NCNE’s mission.

Salvatore Alaimo
Associate Professor
Grand Valley State University
Research Interests: Evaluation; Evaluation Capacity Building; Nonprofit Management; Philanthropy

Erynn Beaton
Associate Professor in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs
The Ohio State University
Research Interests: Inequality; Sexual Harassment; Advocacy; Social Enterprise

Avner Ben-Ner
Professor, Carlson School of Management; Affiliated Professor, Law School; Affiliated Professor, Center for the Study of Political Psychology; Member, Graduate Faculty in Applied Economics
University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Organization Design, Behavior, and Performance

Cassady Brewer
Professor of Law
Georgia State University College of Law
Research Interests: Federal income tax law including the law of nonprofit and social enterprise organizations

Eleanor Brown
James Irvine Professor of Economics
Pomona College
Research Interests: Household giving and volunteering; Competition between for-profit and non-profit organizations; The role of the nonprofit sector in supporting the family

Thad Calabrese
Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management; Director of Finance Specialization
New York University
Research Interests: Financial Management; Debt Management;,Financial Reporting

Cyril Chang
Professor Emeritus
University of Memphis
Research Interests: Health Care Economics; Economics

Cleopatra Charles
Associate Professor
Rutgers University
Research Interests: Nonprofit Financial Management; Program Evaluation; Performance Measurement.

Grace Chikoto-Schultz
Associate Professor of Nonprofit Management
Cleveland State University
Research Interests: Nonprofit Management; Nonprofit Revenue Diversification; Disaster Preparedness

Joe Cordes
Professor of Economics, Public Policy and Public Administration, and International Affairs
George Washington University
Research Interests: Public Finance; Taxation; Corporation Financial Policy

Todd Ely
Associate Professor
Program Director, Master of Public Administration
Director, Center for Local Government
University of Colorado Denver
Research Interests: Nonprofit Financial Management; Private Foundations; Endowment; Nonprofit Debt

Rosemarie Emanuele
Professor of Economics
Ursuline College
Research Interests: Labor Economics; Health Economics; Law and Economics

Charles (Mel) Gray
Professor Emeritus of Business Economics
University of St. Thomas
Research Interests: Economics of Art and Culture; Nonprofit Sector; Programming and Evaluation

Mark Hager
Emeritus Professor; Facilitator of Nonprofit Financial Commons
Arizona State University
Research Interests: Nonprofit Finance; Endowments; Revenue Diversification, Overhead Costs, and Financial Vulnerability that threatens organization livelihoods

Femida Handy
Professor of Social Policy; Director of Ph.D. Program
University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Volunteering; Global Philanthropy; Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Habitus

Teresa Harrison
Academic Director of the Center of Nonprofit Governance; Professor of Economics
Drexel University
Research Interests: Health Economics; Economics of Nonprofits; Industrial Organization

Doug Ihrke
Executive Director, Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management and Chair, Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration
Research Interests: Nonprofit Governance; Local Government Governance; Volunteer Management; Human Resources Management

Renee Irvin
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Oregon
Research Interests: Nonprofit Financial Stabilization; Operating Reserves; Endowment; Private foundation growth and management over time; Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations

Kevin Kearns
Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
University of Pittsburgh
Research Interests: Nonprofit Strategy and Strategic Management; Executive Leadership; Governance; Organizational life-cycles.

Roland Kushner
Muhlenberg College
Research Interests: Governance; Strategic Management; Organizational Effectiveness

Brian McAllister
Wilcox Endowed Professor of Accounting and Department Chair
University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
Research Interests: Nonprofit Finance; Debt; Endowment; Financial Reporting

Stuart Mendel
Affiliate Professor of Nonprofit Management and Project Director for Technology Partnership Initiative
Baldwin Wallace University
Research Interests: Nonprofit Collaboration; Nonprofit Governance Design and Practices; Public Private Partnership; Funding and Institutional Advancement

George Mitchell
Professor; Director, Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management
Marxe School of Public and International Affairs
Baruch College, City University of New York
Research Interests: Strategic Management; Effectiveness; Organizational Theory; International NGOs

Laurie Mook
Associate Director and Associate Professor in the School of Community Resources and Development; Research Associate at the Lodestar Center for Nonprofit Innovation and Philanthropy
Arizona State University
Research Interests: Social Economy; Social Accounting; Volunteerism

John O’Kane
Professor of Practice Emeritus
Georgia State University
Research Interests: Donor Motivation; Gift Solicitation; The Role of Board Members; Volunteers; Fundraising

Susan Schmidt
Content Specialist – Early Childhood Innovation Center
University of Missouri – Kansas City
Research Interests: Capacity Building; Nonprofit Organization; Public Administration

Bruce Seaman
Associate Professor Emeritus
Georgia State University
Research Interests: Industrial Organization; Nonprofit Organization; Arts Economics; Public Finance

Elizabeth Searing
Assistant Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management
University of Texas at Dallas
Research Interests: Earned Revenue; Social Economy; Resilience

Margaret Sloan
Director and Professor of the School of Strategic Leadership Studies
James Madison University
Research Interests: Nonprofit Organizations; Philanthropy; Financial Management; Accountability

Jeremy Thornton
Dwight Moody Beeson Chair of Business and Associate Dean
Samford University
Research Interests: Earned Revenue; Social Economy; Resilience

John Whitman
Instructor; Executive Director of the Museum for Black Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Harvard University Extension School
Research Interests: Innovation for Nonprofit Resilience; Social Economy and Political Economy; Social Entrepreneurship

Jeff Williams
Director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Grand Valley State University
Research Interests: Operations; Strategy; Data Analytics; Public Policy

Gregory Witkowski
Senior Lecturer – Nonprofit Management; Affiliate Faculty – National Center on Disaster Preparedness
Columbia University
Research Interests: Philanthropy; Nonprofit Roles in Disaster Relief and Recovery

Dennis Young
Emeritus Professor of Andrew Young School of Policy Studies; Emeritus Professor of Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
Georgia State University
Case Western University
Research Interests: Nonprofit Resilience; Economics of Nonprofit Organizations; Nonprofit Management and Policy