Authored by:
Erynn Beaton
Elizabeth Colchin
Yinglin Ma

Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey Project

The Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey Project was undertaken to identify the greatest needs of the state’s nonprofit sector during this public health crisis. It began in April 2020 with an initial wave of the survey. Over 7,500 public charities in the state responded to the survey, expressing their need for greater resources (Beaton, 2020). In August 2020, the project partners, including the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section, Philanthropy Ohio, the Ohio Association for Nonprofit Organizations, and the authors who are affiliated with The Ohio State University, embarked on a second wave of the survey hoping to check in again on the welfare of Ohio’s nonprofit sector. The results of the second wave of the survey are contained in this report, along with ways to best support the sector during this time.

Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey: A Report of Wave 2 Results »