Podcast | Evergreen: Big Audacious Idea

Imagine advancing local+global connection, economic development, entrepreneurship, transportation and community-development… all through an existing asset. That asset is the major airport. A new kind of community and economic engine can be built within and around existing airports if we are inventive in our coordination, collaboration and collective will. We’re talking about the idea of an Aerotropolis. In Cleveland, it’s the Aerozone Alliance, a partnership of economic jewels; Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, NASA Glenn Research Center and surrounding communities. More on the Aerozone Alliance is found, here: https://www.aerozonealliance.org.

Host Craig James chats with Dr. Stuart C. Mendel, the founding executive director of the Aerozone Alliance. Dr. Mendel regularly advises community leaders, nonprofit executives/board members—and has served on numerous organization boards and committees. Dr. Mendel also serves as Director of the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise.

Thinking big. Being Audacious. Big Audacious Idea.

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