NCNE Membership

Membership in NCNE offers exclusive access to practical lessons from state-of-the-art research by leading scholars, and resources for advancing the missions of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. NCNE offers strategies for strengthening the economic health of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, so that those organizations are able to carry out their social missions effectively and make the most efficient use of their resources. NCNE offers a deep reservoir of research-based knowledge and expert talent with which to customize the support that members can provide to their constituents and communities. Memberships are offered at the individual level, institutional level, and through open-access subscriptions. Memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and renewed annually.


Individual Membership ($100)

Individual members can be nonprofit staff members, board members, foundations and funders, social entrepreneurs, students, faculty members, consultants, and other stakeholders interested in how nonprofit organizations can become more efficient and effective in their strategic thinking, decision-making, and operations. Individual membership offers complete access to NCNE website and related content, drawing on state-of-the-art research by leading scholars, on a wide spectrum of topics related to effective use and mobilization of economic resources for achieving the missions of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. NCNE content format includes instructional videos, research briefs, newsletters, tools and resources for classroom instruction, discounts on NCNE published books, advanced registration for NCNE conferences, access to our Research Advisory Network, and participation in our interactive Discussion Group.


Institutional Membership ($250)

Nonprofit organizations, foundations, public and private sector grant makers, and others may join at the Institutional Membership level, which offers three individual user accounts at a discounted rate of $250 per year. In addition to the benefits of individual membership, NCNE offers institutional members a venue for sponsorship affiliation on the NCNE website, social media, and related advertising platforms.


Open Access Subscription ($2,500)

An open access subscription is ideal for academic institutions (including universities and colleges), professional development programs, libraries, and related organizations who wish to provide exclusive NCNE member content to their students, faculty, staff, and/or affiliates. The NCNE open access subscription is similar to open access for scholarly journals. This option enables paid subscribers to utilize training videos, classroom tools, resources, and research archives for asynchronous classroom learning, or make NCNEs rich content library available to their own member base. An open access subscription is only available to organizations which have a user log in and password mechanism implemented on their organizations website. Our team will work with you to enable this feature on your website upon your purchase of the subscription. Please note that individual users will need to create their own separate NCNE login accounts if they wish to interact with the Discussion Group.

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Individual Membership
$100 for One Year

 Institutional Membership
$250 for One Year

Open Access Subscription
$2500 for One Year