Managing for Resilience in a Crisis
12-Part Video Series

Dr. Dennis R. Young | January 2021

Learn about organizational resilience and identify the key dimensions around which nonprofits are developing their resilience strategies.

The current crisis is not a one-off phenomenon nor are its effects likely to be temporary. These conditions have put nonprofit organizations under extreme stress and revealed the need for new approaches to nonprofit leadership and management. Nonprofits and other social enterprises must prepare themselves to cope with a variety of crisis situations in the foreseeable future and they must adjust how they operate even in the current context.

In this 12-part video series, Dr. Dennis R. Young discusses the concept of organizational resilience and identifies the key dimensions around which nonprofits are developing their resilience strategies, including cost structure, revenue composition, technology, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. The series draws from a webinar held on December 8, 2020, in collaboration with the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, presented to address the economic crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

These 2-minute video clips will appeal to anyone with an interest in the health, wellbeing, and resiliency of nonprofit organizations. This includes not only executive directors, finance directors, board members, but also policymakers, researchers, educators, and students.

This series kick starts our efforts in developing a comprehensive “Coursework and Certification Program in Nonprofit Crisis Management” curriculum. This content is among the first of its kind nationally, offering the newest thinking on efficiency, effectiveness and nonprofit resilience and an insightful approach to nonprofit organization performance, particularly for executives who wrestle with these concepts daily.

Video 1 of 12, “Nonprofits Need a New Way of Managing,” is available to the public. Login or join today to view the full series.