The Problem of Hate

Anti-democratic extremism, hate speech, and politically-motivated violence are on the rise. With policymakers, journalists, and activists seeking to determine how hate groups are funded, philanthropic organizations have come under a magnifying glass. Council on Foundations members have been actively engaged in addressing the issue of hate-funding, including by sharing their resources and asking for additional insight.

A New Project to Align Values and Practice

In response, the Council on Foundations launched the Values-Aligned Philanthropy project. They developed a white paper, Values-Aligned Philanthropy: Foundations Resisting Hate and Extremism, and an accompanying resource hub—a living list of resources for foundations looking to address this issue, including sample policies from a variety of foundations, organizational resources, and background information.

If you have any questions or a resource to share, please email Nidale Zouhir.

Read the Full Paper and Access the Resource Hub »

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