Foundations Gave Salary Increases Amid Pandemic, Study Finds
By Dan Parks
The study also found small increases in diversity at the nation’s grant makers, while a gender salary gap persists.

Nonprofits Overall Saw Job Losses for the First Time This Year, but Some Notched Gains
By Dan Parks
The losses were small so researchers cautioned not to panic; hiring has been strongest at social-service groups.

An Unorthodox View of Equity From a Black Pastor Fighting Poverty and Violence on Chicago’s South Side
By Drew Lindsay
Pastor Corey Brooks, founder of Project H.O.O.D. in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhood, focuses his work on accountability and responsibility. Plus, read the rest of the profiles from our October issue spotlighting people who are driving conversations about equity.

20 Foundations Ally to Commit $223 Million to Curb Worldwide Methane Emissions
By M.J. Prest
Also, Strada Education Network gave $25 million for leadership-development programs at 28 historically Black colleges and universities, and the Ford Foundation awarded $16 million to expand Covid-19 vaccine distribution across developing countries.

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