The ongoing pandemic has led to worldwide uncertainty in every sector. Lockdowns, a sudden, massive shift from in-person to virtual operations, declines in individual health and wellbeing, the urgent need for technology solutions to meet the demands of remote work — organizations have been dealt a tough blow since spring 2020. Nonprofits were doubly challenged, acting as first responders to the pandemic crisis by providing aid and support to struggling communities while at the same time adapting their entire operations virtually overnight.

The issues that were of greatest concern for global nonprofit employees included:

  • Controlling expenses
  • Adapting to remote/virtual programs
  • Hosting in-person events
  • Implementing new technology tools and solutions
  • Hosting, creating content, and promoting virtual/online events
  • Retaining volunteers
  • Changing the size of the organization to meet increased demand for services

These challenges are not going away anytime soon.

But there is good news: Even amid the pandemic, the nonprofit employees we surveyed said their organizations managed to achieve over 75% of their goals across program delivery, fundraising, diversity initiatives, and even staff wellbeing and retention. How did they do it? Their success lies in trying new approaches to current processes, measuring success and recalibrating as needed. Read on to find out how the most nimble nonprofits continue to thrive no matter what external circumstances come their way — through good planning practices, leveraging partnerships, building strong connections with employees, and creating an organization and culture that thrive.

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