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If we want to retain staff, nonprofits need to begin challenging the ‘overhead myth.’ The overhead myth is the idea that nonprofits that spend the least amount on overhead, things like like rent and salaries, are the most effective. Learn how radical transparency can disrupt the myth and demonstrate that overhead is essential.

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Collecting data during a humanitarian crisis

When a crisis occurs, people want accurate and up-to-date information. Learn how Candid is collecting real-time data, its uses and limitations, and how you can help.

Philanthropy during COVID-19 in India

In India, philanthropy and civil society have responded with creativity and flexibility to the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how India’s social sector has changed.

Commitment to funding Native self-determination

Philanthropy With Native Americans shares how the key to change is listening, supporting, and aligning grants to the priorities of the community.

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