By Chelsea Newhouse on June 14, 2021

A report by The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies states:

“In our continuing effort to track the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic on nonprofit employment, this report documents our estimates of COVID-induced nonprofit job losses through May 2021, as reflected in the May BLS Employment Situation Report. Following a weak showing in April, May’s BLS data reported a more robust gain of 492,000, private non-farm jobs nationwide during the month. While accommodation and food services—a field in which nonprofits represent only a small fraction of overall employment—recorded the strongest growth during May, two important nonprofit-dominated fields—education and arts—saw strong growth as well.

Part 1 of this report spotlights the changes in nonprofit employment over the most recent month. Part 2 then details the recovery of nonprofit jobs over the past several months and notes where that leaves nonprofit employment as of May 2021 compared to the pre-pandemic period. Against this backdrop, Part 3 provides an updated estimate of the time it will take the nonprofit sector to return to pre-pandemic employment levels.”

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