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“The US nonprofit sector is the underpinning of our society. In 2020, we have seen this in extraordinary and extraordinarily painful ways. Nonprofits provide a significant portion of the nation’s health care, higher education, human services, arts and culture, conservation, and other vital services. Nonprofits also have been the primary catalyst for major social change over the past 150 years. At a time when the sector is both more critical and more vulnerable than in recent memory, it is essential that communities and their leaders understand the current health of the nonprofit sector.

The annual Independent Sector Health of the US Nonprofit Sector is a new and developing resource that conveys important information on the current health of the US nonprofit sector across multiple dimensions and in a single, accessible format. Most information on the health and well-being of nonprofits is found across multiple, single-issue reports, which makes it difficult to get a complete picture of overall sector health. This annual review makes a broad set of measures that are easily accessible and presented side-by-side, so stakeholders and key decisionmakers can see the most accurate snapshot of the state of civil society.

Throughout February 2021, we will be holding several focus groups on determining the benchmarks to measure the health of the nonprofit sector in years ahead.”

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