Resiliency is somewhat like nirvana. We know it’s good. We all want it. But, many of us are not quite sure what it is exactly. ‘The word resiliency conjures up images of rubber bands and trampolines, and those aren’t bad metaphors for the idea,’ said grants professional and consultant Barbara Floersch. ‘For me, it’s about the ability to bounce. It’s the ability to carry on with hopefulness despite adversity and find workarounds and fresh ideas when old ways become useless. It’s the capacity to rebuild.’

Grants professionals usually bounce back quickly from the trials and stress that are routine in pulling together competitive proposals. But things can quickly unravel if you throw in a dash more chaos, drama, or crisis into a high-dollar, and tight-timeline job. Resiliency is what helps them hold the situation together, regain equilibrium, and keep pounding out high-quality work.”

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