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NONPROFIT WORKS: All features now available at no cost!
by Chelsea Newhouse

Just in time for the holidays, we are happy to announce that all features of the Nonprofit Works interactive database are now available at no cost!

With this update, all users who register a free account can now access key contextual and comparative data and convenience features that were previously available only to paid Premium members, including:

  • See how nonprofits stack up to the five largest for-profit industries in the U.S. economy, including construction, manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, and accommodation and food services.
  • Compare nonprofit employment and wages to for-profit businesses and government institutions in the same fields and geographic areas.
  • Examine nonprofit employment, wages, and establishments in metro statistical areas, in addition to the state, county, and national levels.
  • Access the latest available data on nonprofit employment, establishments, and weekly and annual average wages for over a quarter century—from 1990 through 2017—and compare nonprofits to for-profits and government over the full period.
  • Save full searches for quick reference, download machine-readable CSV files, and compare up to 5 geographic regions, field, and years in a single search.

A crucial resource for understanding and advocating for the sector

The nonprofit sector is a vitally important part of the employment landscape of the U.S., employing the third largest workforce and generating the third largest payroll of any of the 18 industries into which statistical authorities divide the American economy—larger than all branches of manufacturing combined, and behind only retail trade and accommodation and food services.

Without ready access to hard data, however, nonprofit leaders and advocates often find themselves at a disadvantage in countering gross misperceptions about the considerable scale and economic contribution of these organizations or in alerting sector to leaders to important sector trends. This is where Nonprofit Works comes in.

The Nonprofit Works interactive database, created by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies with support from the C.S. Mott Foundation, builds on two decades of experience producing detailed reports on the nonprofit workforce in states and communities across the country and draws on official U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys that also cover government and for-profit workplaces, making it possible to compare nonprofit employment and wages to those in these other sectors over time.

Using Nonprofit Works’ easy-to-use 7-step Data Selection Wizard, you will be able to answer crucial questions like:

  • How many people work for nonprofits in your state, county, or city?
  • How does this compare to other major industries that may attract more attention and support?
  • In what fields are these nonprofit jobs concentrated?
  • How do nonprofit jobs and wages compare to those in for-profit companies or government agencies working in the same fields?
  • How much have nonprofits contributed to job growth?
  • Are nonprofits present where they are most needed in your community?
  • What key trends are affecting nonprofit employment or wages over a chosen time period?

We hope that this small gift will provide a valuable resource in your work to support the nonprofits that have been so crucial in serving communities during these challenging times. Warmest wishes from our team to yours for a happy, healthy, and restorative holiday season!

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