In this five-minute Candid Vlog, David Holmes, Programs Manager at Candid, interviews Stuart Mendel, Executive Director of NCNE, on NCNE’s new Nonprofit Resilience Management curriculum and certification program to be launched this fall 2021:

A New Approach to Nonprofit Management for a New Era

Nonprofits must protect themselves from future catastrophic crises and learn how to manage them. This course will show you how. Leading scholars explain multiple resiliency strategies essential to organizational survival and long-term effectiveness. Interested participants will be invited to register for individual course modules or enroll in the certification program. Additional details are forthcoming and registration will be available soon.

NCNE’s 12-part video miniseries, Managing for Resilience in a Crisis, released in January 2021, kick starts NCNE’s efforts in developing this new curriculum. This content is among the first of its kind nationally, offering the newest thinking on efficiency, effectiveness and nonprofit resilience and an insightful approach to nonprofit organization performance, particularly for executives who wrestle with these concepts daily. The 2-minute videos provide information on the concept of organizational resilience and identifies the key dimensions around which nonprofits are developing their resilience strategies, including cost structure, revenue composition, technology, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

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