Finding Your Best Income Portfolio

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Unlike most businesses or governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations have no standard way of financing themselves.  Indeed, the variation in nonprofit financing patterns is enormous… So it is not surprising that nonprofit executives commonly ask:  What is the best income mix for my organization?

Checklist for Financial Health

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What do/should funders and lenders look at? (What’s on your list?)

›  Balance sheets

›  Income and expenses

›  Income diversification

›  Business plan

›  Reserve funds

›  Credit history

›  Endowment management

›  Governance

›  Organizational slack

›  Safety nets

›  Looming threats and nascent opportunities

›  Top salaries compared to peer institutions

Earned Income

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This presentation offers touch points for when to charge for a service; the various functions of pricing in effective resource allocation and management; the conditions under which charging for a service is feasible and desirable; effective pricing strategies including price discrimination, bundling of services, and congestion pricing; the relationship of earned income initiatives to mission impact and financial support; relationship of success of earned income ventures to competitive advantage, core competencies, and other considerations; costs and benefits of engaging in commercial ventures.

Fundraising and Revenue Generation

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This course is devoted to the importance of studying nonprofit finance with content that addresses: urgency, especially in today’s environment; the complexity of nonprofit finance; the variety of sources of nonprofit income; the variety of mixes of nonprofit income including variations within and among sub-sectors; important issues in nonprofit finance; and, making sense of nonprofit finance: role of theory.


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