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Checklist for Financial Health

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What do/should funders and lenders look at? (What’s on your list?)

›  Balance sheets

›  Income and expenses

›  Income diversification

›  Business plan

›  Reserve funds

›  Credit history

›  Endowment management

›  Governance

›  Organizational slack

›  Safety nets

›  Looming threats and nascent opportunities

›  Top salaries compared to peer institutions

Earned Income

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This presentation offers touch points for when to charge for a service; the various functions of pricing in effective resource allocation and management; the conditions under which charging for a service is feasible and desirable; effective pricing strategies including price discrimination, bundling of services, and congestion pricing; the relationship of earned income initiatives to mission impact and financial support; relationship of success of earned income ventures to competitive advantage, core competencies, and other considerations; costs and benefits of engaging in commercial ventures.

Benefits Theory

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There is nothing so practical as a good theory. This presentation addresses four general types of economic goods nonprofit organizations produce; nonprofit services and conceivable benefit/income combinations; benefit combinations that help determine nonprofit income portfolios; and notes the wide variety of income portfolios are possible, depending on benefit combinations of services provided.

Fundraising and Revenue Generation

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This course is devoted to the importance of studying nonprofit finance with content that addresses: urgency, especially in today’s environment; the complexity of nonprofit finance; the variety of sources of nonprofit income; the variety of mixes of nonprofit income including variations within and among sub-sectors; important issues in nonprofit finance; and, making sense of nonprofit finance: role of theory.


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